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The Drive To Gold Radio Show, or if you’re in a hurry just The Drive, where we love to talk all things sports, with a lean towards the Olympic Games.  However, we will leave the toy department once in a while to talk things outside of the sports world so don’t be shocked.  We don’t take ourselves overly serious, so we recommend you don’t either.  Guests will join us live periodically, and you can shoot us your questions while on-air, or if you cannot make the show, hit up our archived podcast anytime.  If you want to enjoy a show that you will feel significantly smarter when you finish, we can help you find one, in the mean time join us weekly on the Drive To Gold.

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Jan 27, 2021  (2:02:46)

Your Hosts

John Roethlisberger


Is a three-time Olympic gymnast participating in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics. Has been a color analyst and play-by-play commentator for numerous networks over the last 20 years. Lover of everything sports related, especially the Olympic Games. An unabashed fan of all Minnesota sports, and apparently watching his teams lose in the playoffs. He’s rarely had an opinion of his own he didn’t love, and he’s extremely funny, go ahead, just ask him.


Sacramone Quinn

2008 Olympic silver medalist and 10-time world champion. One of the most decorated American gymnasts in history, but more importantly she isn’t afraid to tell it like it, especially to her co-hosts. BJ and John might bring the good looks to the show but, Alicia is smart and funny and she just might knock you out if you’re not careful. She’s a mom of three adorable little girls, and wife of some dude who played football for some college team in Indiana, I think it was the Leprechauns.

Brian Jones


Over 35 years of competitive gymnastics experience as an athlete and a coach. Former United States Marine, and current husband and girl dad. Most well known for being the 1st runner-up in a local Danny Devito look alike contest, and is a huge Green Bay Packer fan who’s very proud of his team ownership, and takes personal credit for drafting a quarterback in the first round.